‘Let’s Change The Subject,’ Says Mother Proven Wrong

Older woman walking alone

Things got heated in a discussion on a walk with your mom last night, where your mother claimed that, due to a vast left-wing media conspiracy, no Charlie Brown Christmas specials were airing on network TV this year.


You asked her some questions to clarify why the hell this matters, or if it was even true to begin with.


“I don’t know, but I’m sick of all this,” your mother responded. “They’re trying to take away Christmas and replace it with God-knows-what.”


As you quickly Googled this, you learned that a streaming network bought the rights to all Charlie Brown specials, not just the Christmas special, and will be airing them for free on their platform. You found this information both boring because it is a tedious and common occurrence in television, and annoying, because you still had to explain it to her, anyway.


“Let’s change the subject,” your mother said after she was clearly proven wrong.



“Wait, you’re not even going to admit that the media isn’t trying to erase Christmas?” you said. “The Hallmark Channel and Netflix are putting out almost 50 Christmas movies this year alone.”


“Look, I’m tired of talking about this,” your mother said. “I have to get back to cleaning and cooking dinner for your father now.”


When pressed for a response later that day, your father said, “I’m not getting into this.”