Italian Mom Wants to Know Whena You Giva Da Grandchild to Her

very old woman preparing food in her old country style kitchen

In recent news between a the bakery and a da butcher in Lawrence MA, 78-year-old Maria Della Paolera is asking-a-you when-a you gonna giva da grandchild to her.


“I could be dead-a tomorrow,” your Italian mother said-a with her hands-a in the air. “Why can’t you find a nice-a-man-a and-a give-a me a grandbaby?”



“You could-a settle down with little Anthony from down the street,” your mama cried while asking the butcher if a they had-a-the gabagool. “Why can’t you go and give-a-me-a-the-baby with-a-the-Anthony? Is that so much to ask-a to make-a-me-a- grandmother?”


“I’m gonaa be dead before you know it,” mama threatened while-a-she eat-a-the cannoli.


Sources report that the bakery was out of pizzeles, which further drove-a your mama pazza.