Woman Sends Intimately Worded Birthday Message to The Wrong Eric

Hacked Woman - Reductress

During a regularly Facebook break in her workday this past Thursday, Marina Fork made a grave mistake, writing an intimately worded birthday message to the wrong Eric.


Fork posted the heartwarmingly detailed 800-word post thinking she was on the page of her childhood friend, Eric Pasternak, when she was actually on the page of Eric Treviño, who is just some guy.


Fork and Pasternak have a rich history, having gone to junior prom as platonic friends, and also going to that one concert that was so much fun.



“We’ve been friends for over ten years,” Fork says. “We have a deep friendship that dates back to 2005. He was there for me when my dad died. He was even my first kiss.”


Treviño, on the other hand, is a member of “Favorite Songs,” a public Facebook group in which people post their favorite songs, a group Fork is a part of, but rarely participates in. The two have never met.


The post reportedly continued with a testament that Treviño “makes everyone’s day brighter” and is “such a fucking raw, beautiful, caring soul,” neither of which can be confirmed by Fork.


“This dude is a literal fucking stranger to me,” Fork explains.


According to reports, by the time Fork realized the error and went to delete the post, it was too late, as Eric Treviño had already “liked” it and commented “Aww, thank u! DMing you now.”


Fork is reportedly very shaken, but is expected to fully recover from the incident. She has deactivated her Facebook so as not to get the private message from Treviño that almost certainly will be unwanted flirtation.