Woman Positive Newly Matched Dev Patel Tinder Profile is Legit

New York resident Jane Wolf was alarmed and excited Tuesday night to see she matched with a profile she genuinely believes to belong to actor Dev Patel.


According to witnesses, Wolf was mindlessly swiping when she saw a “Dev, 26” that looked exactly like Dev Patel.


“I wouldn’t say a massive Dev Patel fan but I have seen all his movies,” Wolf explains. “He’s a good actor, but mostly he’s so, so fucking hot. Oh my god, is he hot.”


Reports say that Wolf jumped from her bed, shouted “Holy shit,” and then ran to each of her roommates’ rooms to ask them if they thought the profile was legit.


“At first I was braced for the worst. I thought it was going to be another Indian guy who looked nothing like Dev Patel,” roommate Gaby Garcia says. “But then she showed it to me and like, I think it’s Dev fucking Patel.”


The profile reportedly has not description and two photos, both of which aren’t completely clear. The first is Dev laughing with his head thrown back so that you can’t totally verify his face, and the other is one of him waded in water taken from a distance.


“I’ve screenshotted that photo and blown it up on my computer, but it’s inconclusive,” Wolf says. “But obviously I swiped right. I swiped right so fast and hard, I almost broke my finger.”


Later that night at dinner, Wolf allegedly was unable to focus on conversation as her eyes were glued to her phone. Occasionally she would interrupt the conversation just to say, “I really think that was Dev Patel.”



At press time, Dev had not messaged Wolf, but she remains optimistic.


“I’m sure his Tinder goes in and out of range since he’s traveling so much,” she says. “After all, he’s Dev Patel… I think!”