Woman On Hunger Strike Until a Table Opens Up on the Patio

24-year-old Los Angeles Native Jillian Davis is reportedly on a hunger strike outside her favorite restaurant, where she plans to hold out until a table opens up on the patio.


The strike began after Davis was informed by the hostess that, “Only indoor tables were available,” so she decided to take action.


“There comes a time when you have to make your voice heard and speak up for what you believe in,” says Jillian. “I will not be eating another bite of food until my rightful spot on the patio opens up. Plus there are like three open tables and that is total bullshit.”


“There’s only one waitress for the patio today,” said hostess Ali Spencer. “So I can’t seat all the tables or she’ll be overworked. I tried to explain that to Jillian but she said she wasn’t going to eat until ‘justice was served.’”


The hostess then added that the wait for the patio was “up to 25 minutes.”


Jillian’s friends say this is the kind of behavior they’ve come to expect from her.


“Yeah she does shit like this constantly,” says Rebecca Cohen, an old friend of Davis’. “She once held a sit-in at a Panera because they told her she couldn’t use an entire booth to dry out some wet gym clothes without buying something first. It was embarrassing.”


We were able to confirm that she did put her order in just in case but says that she “…will seriously let it get cold if I can’t enjoy it on the patio.”



The kitchen expects her salad to arrive at the same time as the table opens up.


“I’m just inspired by how politically active my generation has become,” Jill says about her newfound activism. “I’m really finding my voice. Let’s just say I’m not afraid to send things back to the kitchen.”


When asked if she would be making her voice heard at the polls for the upcoming local election she said, “It just depends what time I get off work.”