Woman Observing Rain Resists Urge to Say, ‘It’s Really Comin’ Down Out There’

In an awesome display of self-discipline, Austin resident Gloria Matthews managed to watch it rain outside of her office window without uttering the phrase, “Wow, it’s really comin’ down out there!”


But how exactly did she do it?


“Whenever I have a free moment at work, I like to look out the window,” Gloria says. “I also like to make conversation with my coworkers, but it’s been a pretty rainy season this year and I had said the phrase for four days in a row at that point, so I decided to keep it to myself this time.”


Ok, self-aware queen who can keep it to herself!


When asked how she is going to react to the weather the next time it rains while she’s at work, Gloria told us that she’s ready to switch things up.


“I might say something like, ‘Wow, it’s looking pretty ugly out there today,’ or ‘Hope you guys brought an umbrella with you!’ But I think I’m ready to move on from ‘It’s really coming down out there,’ it’s time to hang it up.”


Gloria’s coworkers weighed in on the developing story as well.


“Every day this week, like clockwork, Gloria has said that exact phrase,” Gloria’s coworker, Steve, says. “The fact that she looked out the window and didn’t say anything on Friday was kind of alarming.”


“We were all worried, but ultimately proud of her,” another coworker, Angela says.



“We just hope that she doesn’t stay silent forever because with the busy work week it’s sometimes nice to know when it’s really coming down out there,” Angela adds.


“Well I guess I’ll keep saying it then,” Gloria told us. “Actually I’m gonna send a voice memo to everyone at work right now!”


We look forward to how Gloria’s phrasing about the rainy weather develops, but until then, we appreciate the self-restraint.