Woman in $16,000 Venmo Debt to Former Brunch Companions

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Growing as rapidly as student loan debt, another financial soul-sucker is sweeping the nation: Venmo debt. Venmo debt has hit its most recent victim, a 26-year-old named Kami Burroughs, who as of press time has racked up over $16,000 in Venmo debt to friends she brunches with up to two times a week.


“Kami loves Venmo, every time we’re out to brunch and the waiter sets the bill down, Kami is the first to hand it to me and then say, ‘Sorry I’m out of cash, can I Venmo you?’” said friend Taylor Nobbles.


“I have Venmo requested $32.68 from her every week for the past seven months. Every time the bill comes she’s always playing on her phone to avoid looking the check directly in the eye,” adds Nobbles.


Burroughs’ Venmo account has over 500 payment requests each with the tagline “brunch last week” or “brunchzzz last weekzz” or even “Drugs!!! (lol),” an approach that her friends use in order to not seem “too aggressive.”


“It really feels like I’m paying though, because I’m saying that I’ll Venmo them! And who really cares? No one keeps up with that thing, anyway!” Burroughs shouted through her sunglasses and headscarf in an unregistered car.



While Borroughs’ close friends refuse to brunch with her anymore, the debt has not stopped her from “getting [her] brunch on.” She takes a new pottery class every week in order to meet new women willing to brunch with and loop into her Venmo-fueled financial tornado.


Her former brunch companions and friends offered a payment plan for her debt or a work-your-debt-off service, but Burroughs has been avoiding calls while on the run for the past three weeks. She has only been spotted on weekends at La Taverna on 6th and The Petit Biscuit on Main Street between the hours of 12 and 3 PM.