Anna ‘Humbled’ By Being Talented, Sexy, Funny, and Amazing

Los Angeles resident and internet celebrity Anna Blum announced Monday that she is “humbled” by the appreciation and adoration from fans of her YouTube show, “Just Anna Being Anna.”


“I’m just so thrilled to have you all as my fans. I am so humbled to be admired by over ONE MILLION people! Thank you so much for all your love and support, every one of you is special in my heart,” she said humbly. “And I am amazed that you make all these cute memes of me! How humbling is that?”


Sources question whether a feeling of humility is an appropriate reaction to a shameless outpouring of fan worship.


“She’s always been this way,” says her father, Andrew Blum. “When her teacher praised her shoe box diorama in the third grade, she gave a speech to the class about how it made her feel down-to-earth and completely without ego.”



“The epidemic of paradoxical humility has spread throughout the youth of North America,” says sociologist and vlogger, Jared Brown. “And if it’s not taken care of immediately, it will literally be watered down to mean nothing at all. Kind of like ‘literally.’”


When asked to comment, Anna Blum simply said, “I’m just humbled that all these people are completely obsessed with my ability to be humble…Oh that’s not how you use that word? Wow, this is a very humbling experience.”