Woman Holding on to All Her Slutty Little Shein Tops in Case She Has a Daughter One Day

Pittsburgh resident Kayla Rybie has confirmed to sources today that she does plan on holding on to all her slutty little Shein tops in case she has a daughter one day. 


That’s one lucky baby! 


Despite limited drawer space and an already-packed closet, Kayla, who is 21, single, and actively using birth control, just can’t part with the tiny blouses, which on average cost about $8 each. 


“I love the idea of gifting my little girl a treasure trove of vintage pieces. I should probably wait until she’s 18 so that she fully appreciates them—but some of these body suits won’t fit anyone who’s more stacked than an A cup, so maybe I’ll crack sooner.” 



Of all the items she’s purchased, Kayla most looks forward to passing down a curve-hugging tank top commemorating a 1984 Rolling Stones concert.


“I bought the shirt brand new, but since it’s all distressed, it looks way older,” she confides. “Just think: by the time it gets to McKynleigh, it will actually have some history behind it! Plus, it’s an objectively hot look.” 


Next in the pile, the young woman who professes to be “not 100% sold on the idea of motherhood” pulled out an emerald green O-ring linked cut out tube top, which she aims to preserve for years to come. 


Clutching the nearly see-through material to her chest, Kayla visibly lights up. 


“This piece has so many memories. I wore it to a club opening, but the bouncer wouldn’t let me through because I was trying to sneak in airplane bottles of Bacardi.” 


We asked Kayla where she envisions her hypothetical progeny would wear these pieces, or any of the hundreds of other slutty little tops the maybe-one-day mom has acquired in ill-advised hauls. 


“They’d work in any time or place where she feels young, alive, invincible—and surrounded by people she loves,” she says. “I just hope this stuff doesn’t disintegrate by then.”