Woman Can’t Believe It’s Still Raining

woman thinking

In a report coming out of Seattle, WA, 31-year-old Linda Rogers cannot believe it is still raining outside.

“I checked my weather app this morning and it said there was a ninety percent chance of rain for the rest of the day and then, when I left for the grocery store, it was still raining! Can you imagine?”

Despite living in one of the rainiest parts of the country, Linda remains shocked at the persistent weather patterns in her city.

“It’s like…do I have to have my umbrella on me at all times? Should I never take my raincoat off? I wish I could understand what is happening up in the sky and when it is going to clear up so I can move on with my day,” said Linda.

Interestingly enough, rain isn’t the only weather condition that Linda finds difficult to wrap her head around.

“There was a snow storm last January that really rocked her to her core,” noted her roommate, Margaret. “Every morning she’d go to the window and stare out and say, ‘It’s still there.’ Maybe she’s just trying to make conversation? I don’t know.”

Looking toward the future, Linda has high hopes that the showers will stop soon, but part of her knows that she can never be sure.



“These days, you never know what you’re going to get when you step outside. One glance at the forecast and it looks the rain might still keep on happening. Seems like no matter what weather we get, it’s always going to happen for far too long.”

Glancing out the window, Linda noted, “Wow, it’s really coming down out there.”