Wine and Chocolate Pairings You Haven’t Done Anything In Particular to Deserve

If you’re a woman, life is generically hard, which means you should treat yourself to something special, like wine and chocolate! Whether you’ve earned it or not, give yourself the gift of indulging in a delicious wine and chocolate pairing to remind you of all the things you achieved and accomplished today, as long as you use a really loose definition of the word “accomplish” and “achieve.” Tonight, try these extravagant wine and chocolate pairings that you’ve done nothing in particular to deserve.


Sea Salt Chocolate + Verde

Sea salt chocolate with white wine will take you to a whole new world of flavor for no specific reason other than just kind of getting what you want. Treat yourself to this sweet and salty combo for a Sunday spent clipping ShopRite coupons you may or may not use. Mmm! Sounds like someone sort of deserves this combo!


Peanut Butter Cups + Banyuls

Peanut butter cups and a bottle of this strawberry wine make a sweet match you didn’t exactly do anything to earn, and that’s okay! Make yourself feel special anyway by saying, “Fuck it. Why not?” and pamper yourself for a pretty typical day at work typing things into a spreadsheet for an hour or so before wandering around the bathroom just to kill time and give yourself something to do. Yum, you’re a queen for some reason!


Raspberry Filled + Rosé

Raspberry filled chocolate with rosé is the ultimate marriage of sweetness you can absolutely reward yourself for existing. The ruby fruit flavorings make an excellent goody for the type of woman who remembers to take out the recycling and other required tasks that don’t make you any more deserving of this tasty treat. Drink this straight from the bottle, or out of a soup can. Whatever! You don’t need standards for spoiling yourself – not anymore!



Hershey Kisses + Champagne

Pair Hershey kisses with bubbly to treat yourself for…hm, who can really say what. Maybe you drove to your friend Katy’s house without getting lost even though that’s because you used GPS, or maybe you made your student loan payment as required by federal law. It could honestly be anything at this point. Buy what we’re selling you. Werk, bitch!


You deserve to be happy for some vague reason, so indulge yourself with these sumptuous wine and chocolate pairings. It’s all you!