Will I Understand ‘Dune’ If I Don’t Give a Shit?

This past weekend, the Denis Villeneuve film Dune premiered in theaters and on the streaming service HBO Max, but I still haven’t watched it yet because I’m afraid that I won’t understand it since I didn’t take the time to really give a shit.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever even heard of Dune before Timothée Chalamet was cast in the movie, so it makes me worry that I don’t have the background info of “caring about Dune” to really understand the plot. In other words, the fact that I don’t give a flying fuck about the film makes me worry that I won’t get the story (due to a lack of interest) if I end up watching it (I probably won’t).


All I really know about the movie is that there are a lot of hot actors in it. Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, and Jason Momoa are all really great to look at, but will their presence make me suddenly care about the events in the storyline of this sci-fi reboot? I don’t think so.


I know that Dune is about space, and a dune, and a worm maybe? I don’t even know, but that’s also all I’m willing to take in mentally as an audience member. If the film tries to explain anything else to me, my brain will definitely shut off. I don’t care about the politics of this universe. If anything, I would just like to see some futuristic sand, but even with that it’s like, I definitely don’t care to know why it’s so sandy, so will I get this at all?


Some people/nerds might read this and want to educate me about the story of Dune, but please don’t. I really don’t care. If you try to tell me, I won’t even listen. If I end up seeing the movie it will only be to escape my own reality for two and a half hours, and I don’t want to know too much about this one either.



So, I don’t know if I’ll understand Dune because I really don’t give a shit, but here’s to finding out, or not! I probably won’t see it, but if I do, it will definitely be on while I’m washing dishes or something.


Viva la cinema!