Why I’ve Outsourced My Sexts to ChatGPT

While sexting is a fun way to engage with a sexual partner, it can be difficult to keep coming up with new and provocative things to say. There are only so many times I can write, “I want you inside me” before it goes from arousing to cliché. It’s for this reason that I made the decision to put down my well-trodden innuendos and authorizing my sexts entirely – outsourcing them instead to ChatGPT.


My boyfriend has never been more turned on, or more impressed by how many different ways I know how to use anal beads.


Since ChatGPT is trained on a massive well of information from which to draw its responses, it actually has a better chance of coming up with a hot response to “What are you wearing?” than I do. Because, obviously, I’m going to be lying either way. No one’s getting turned on by my stained high school cross country sweatshirt and oversized Minions pajama bottoms, but they will be turned on by me texting, “I’m sexy cause you’re so horny. You are so horny and sexy.”



Now, when trying to answer such questions, instead of falling back on embarrassing reflexive responses, ChatGPT has helped me keep things interesting with thoughtfully generated conversation starters like, “I’m wearing a red lace bra and red lace panties. Do you want to see my red lace bra and red lace panties?” or “As a large language model trained by OpenAI I do not possess a corporeal form and therefore am not wearing anything.”


See, ChatGPT isn’t perfect – and that’s a good thing! It makes happy errors just like the rest of us, and ultimately, isn’t that what keeps things interesting? By potentially sending sexts that are weird and off-putting and don’t actually answer the question that was posed, I’m able to keep my boyfriend on his toes and wanting more. Specifically, wanting more information regarding the whole “not possessing a corporeal form” thing.


Plus, the idea of the guy I’m sexting not being able to tell if my steamy messages to him were written by a human or AI really turns me on.