Why I’m Using My White Privilege To Talk About My White Privilege

It has reached a point in America where I can no longer stay silent about racism. As a white person, I admit I have been naive to the struggle that people of color have faced in this country for centuries up until this point. But not any more. Now, I will use my voice to speak out for what’s right – even if that’s all I ever do.


And that’s why I’m using my white privilege to talk about my white privilege and do nothing else materially or practically to help people of color in this country.


White privilege is something I was born with as a white person. And because I did nothing to earn it, it’s my duty to use it to contribute to the discussion around racism in this country and also do…I’m actually not sure what else? Anybody got ideas? Anyway, until I figure that out, I vow to use my white privilege to talk about my white privilege, instead of just donating money and time to anti-racist efforts or whatever.


It’s the least I can do with my white privilege! Like, the absolute least.


Lots of white people feel uncomfortable talking about white privilege. Well, not me! I’ll talk about white privilege, as in privilege that white people have, which I have, because I am white, anytime, to anyone. It’s crucial that I explain that I have white privilege to anyone I see, including white people who also have white privilege, but also Black people, who don’t have white privilege but are glad to hear me acknowledge and talk about my own white privilege. I assume.



As someone who undoubtedly has white privilege, and would happily and humbly spend all day talking about my white privilege, it is my absolute privilege to talk about my white privilege. And while I didn’t ask for this white privilege, I definitely have it, as do all white privileged white people with white privilege. So it only makes sense that I would use that white privilege to talk about how I have white privilege, especially now. In this day and age of white people discovering their white privilege, we must, as white people, get uncomfortable and talk about our white privilege. If we don’t, that’s just our white privilege.


Look, I know that I may have been blinded by my white privilege in my white privileged past. But I’ve opened my white privileged eyes, and now, I must open my white privileged mouth to speak up about white privilege. Because if my white privilege helps some other white privileged white person with white privilege see their white privileged white privilege, then my white privilege has had the white privilege to change things. And if your white privilege doesn’t allow you to see how your white privilege has given you white privileges, then it’s time that you do some exploration of your own white privilege. It’s a white privilege to only have to talk about white privilege and not have to do anything else. Check your privilege.