Why I’m Taking This Time in Quarantine to Really Focus on My Inherited Wealth  

Ever since the global pandemic began, managing my stress has been a monumental task in quarantine. The social isolation, monotony, and boredom are all stressors that make each day hard to get through. Luckily, I’ve found a way to deal with all that, and that’s by taking the time to really focus in on my inherited wealth.


It’s times like these that really make you appreciate what you have, and what I have is a fuckton of money and real estate passed down from my grandparents and parents. Focusing on how I will never have to really worry about anything at all, barring a freak incident where the government taxes my family wealth appropriately, has really helped me see the bright side of things.


There are also all the perks of having inherited wealth. Living in Greenwich, Connecticut in our generational-wealth-funded mansion with a pool has really been my saving grace during this pandemic. It’s brought me inner peace, plus we have a fire pit that I make s’mores on sometimes.



Whenever I feel myself getting stressed, I think of old Pee Paw, who toiled hard and invested in oil nice and early in the century. I remember how he knew how to live life; I end up taking a page out of his book of simple living and go for a serene golf excursion in our country club that we can pay to reserve for a bit. It’s moments like these that keep me going day to day.


And when I get on Zoom and see the sad fake backgrounds of all the poors who don’t have a house designed by Bobby from Queer Eye himself, I know that by focusing on my inherited wealth I will feel gratitude for what I have. This helps me because I stop thinking about and feeling bad for my friends who live in small sad apartments.


I strongly suggest to my fellow one-percenters who did nothing to earn what they have, focus on your inherited wealth! It will bring you peace, and if not that, at least you can wait this whole thing out in a nice-ass house.