Why I’m Saving My Sephora Points for My Dowry

Many women dream about their wedding day. After all, there’s so much to think about: the decor, the dress, the bridal party. But for me, one thing I know for sure that will be a part of my special day is the large dowry that I’ll be presented with, and while a dowry usually consists of property or money paid by the bride’s family to the groom or his family on their big day, here’s why mine will be comprised of the Sephora Points I’ve saved up instead.


Some people might think that a bride’s family providing a dowry for their daughter is outdated, or ancient even, but I disagree. Personally, after spending nearly a lifetime collecting my Sephora points, I’ve decided that I will not let them go to waste.


I strongly believe that my dowry will help me and my future mate build a beautiful home together; a home that consists mostly of face masks, perfume samples, and different sized travel makeup brushes.


Many of my loved ones often tell me that I should just cash in on my Sephora points and get some cool products that would otherwise be really expensive in-store, but why would I do that when I could present them as a property to be owned by my suitors instead?


Now, I may not need a dowry. I’m a catch, don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that I could get a husband on my looks and personality alone, but I also believe that no one would be able to resist me when I come with a whopping 3,245 Sephora points to use at both of our disposal.



As a Sephora Rouge Beauty Insider, I want my partner to feel like they’re with the person that’s right for them. That’s why when we’re courting each other I’ll make sure to keep mentioning the fact that we would get virtually unlimited free shipping if we were wed as long as we’re only buying things from Sephora dot com.


So while I may not be using my Sephora points for first access to products, rouge rewards, or beauty insider cash, I will be using them as a way to make myself seem more valuable as a bride. Come and get it, suitors!!!