I LIVED IT: I Made a Wish at 11:12

I Lived it:

A dream is a wish your heart makes, but what if your heart is a tad late, to be specific a minute late? Yes, I’m the fool who made a wish at 11:12.


God damn it, I was so close to having my life’s aspirations realized. I am a simple person with small desires, but humans are flawed and make all kinds of mistakes. I was in my kitchen making pizza rolls when I glanced at my microwave and saw all the ones lined up in my favor.  I clenched my hands together and shut my eyes, but when my wish making was done the clock said 11:12.


It was a travesty and an absolute affront to the 11:11 gods, or whoever is in charge of that.


All my hopes and dreams diminished in a minute. Listen, I’m not a late person, I get my period a year early and I show up 24 hours before flights to camp out at the airport. So, I was horrified to come to the realization that I made my wish at 11:12. If I asked all my friends if I seemed like the kind of person who could make their dreams come true, they all would say no.


That wish could have changed my life’s path. I bet everything on that wish, and things are not looking great for me now. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to rectify this?


How could I be so careless, betting all my life’s success on an 11:11 wish.  I wished for a BMW, a new house, a Tamagotchi pet, and a personal Channing Tatum. Wait FUCK.  I just told you what my wish was and now it doubly won’t come true. There are two rules about wish making, do it at 11:11 and don’t tell people what you wished for. What the fuck is wrong with me?



I asked Google what would happen if my wish was late. Would I get sent to eternal hellfire? Would I have bad luck for 7 years? The internet said the only casualty of my mistake was that my wish would not come true and that I will face endless misery, which ultimately I deserve.


This pains me to write, because if I made my wish at 11:11 I would be driving my Channing Tatum and Tamagotchi pet in my BMW to my new house. Instead, I’m mourning what could have been. I will always be just the girl who made a wish at 11:12.