Why I’m Refusing to Renew My Driver’s License Until the DMV Allows Baby Face Filter

According to DMV regulations, you’re supposed to renew their driver’s license every eight years. I was personally super excited to renew my license because I wasn’t happy with my last photo, but to my surprise, the DMV doesn’t allow license pictures to be taken with the Baby Face Filter. Here’s why I’m refusing to renew my license until they do.


First of all, I don’t even care that my license is expired. I’d rather be pulled over and arrested for my expired license than have my picture show my untouched, natural face, and that’s just the risk I’m willing to take.


I understand that a driver’s license photo should accurately depict who you are, but I also believe that it should make you look really good so you can post it on your IG feed later. So I guess we can’t have it all, can we, Department of Motor Vehicles?


When I went to the DMV last Tuesday, expecting them to be up to date on the developments of Instagram filter technology, none of the people working there were able to help me with my request, which is so crazy because it’s like, c’mon, it’s 2022.


I even tried to hold my phone camera with the filter on up to the spot where they take your picture, but they told me that this “wasn’t allowed” and was “technically illegal.”


Ummm, okay, boomer.


Apparently they don’t allow you to take your picture with a filter on because they need to be able to “accurately identify you,” but what they don’t seem to understand is that I actually do look like me with Baby Face Filter on if I slept really well the night before and the lighting is good and if you’re looking down at me from an exact 45 degree angle.


I still don’t understand what the issue here is!



No matter what the law says, I believe that it’s my right to look good in my driver’s license photo, and I don’t care what the DMV has to say about it. If I want my cheek bones and eyes to look bigger and my nose to look smaller and my skin to look smoother, then I should be able to pretend that’s how I actually look in real life.


I’d even be willing to compromise if it really comes down to it. It would be tough, but I’d be fine with the Cute Doll or Freckle filter instead. DMV, your move!