Why I Have Him Put His Dick in Upside Down Like a USB

There comes a time in every relationship where you and your partner want to mix things up a little bit in the bedroom. Just last month, my boyfriend Steve and I wanted to spice up our sex, but we didn’t really know where to start – that is, until I saw him struggling to put a USB cord into his laptop, flipping it around a bit, and I got a brilliant idea. Here’s why I now always have him put his dick in upside down, just like a USB:


Before, I noticed that sometimes when my boyfriend and I were having sex it didn’t feel quite right. I thought that it might have been the position we were in, or the music we were listening to, or maybe even the lighting, but once I told him to flip over and try again by putting it in me upside down, similar to a flash drive or a Juul charger being plugged into a laptop, I discovered that it actually fit better than ever before!


Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to make sex seem robotic or machine-like. I actually believe that sex is an organic and beautiful thing that occurs between two people sharing in one spiritual connection. But if it don’t work, it don’t work! And sometimes you have to learn a thing or two from computer hardware basics in order to fix it!



However, even though this new development has brightened up our sex life, we still run into some issues occasionally. Sometimes he has to put it in upside down, then right-side up, then upside down again until it finally feels 100% right to both of us, and sometimes we talk about maybe tattooing a little USB design on him so we know which side is the right side up so we don’t have to go through this every time we have sex. Sure, it may be time-consuming, but it’s always worth it in the end!


So if you’re wondering if this position is right for you and your partner, don’t be afraid to bring it up, especially when his dick doesn’t really seem to be clicking with whatever port you’re trying to stick it in at the moment. Also, remember to eject it carefully – good dick is very hard to replace!