Why I Believe Science Unless It’s About How My Healing Crystals Don’t Work

The brutal campaign of anti-science misinformation has been a disaster for our country in so many ways. From global warming to the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels like scientists are just talking to a wall. Well, I’m here to say that stops with me, for the most part. Here is why I wholeheartedly stand behind scientists, unless, of course, they’re talking about how my healing crystals don’t work, which is bullshit.


Lots of people doubt scientists when they don’t give definitive answers, like in the case of the pandemic, but not me: I understand the shifting landscape and also understand the continual discovery involved in the scientific process. What I don’t understand is why they constantly feel the need to say things like, “There is absolutely no scientific evidence healing crystals work.” Like c’mon guys, leave some space for the continual discovery, I mean, you never know, right?


Anyways, that’s the part I don’t understand.


One of the reasons we must listen to scientists is that they show, time and time again, that trusting the scientific method eventually leads to a strong consensus rooted in evidence. And with that kind of consensus, we can make a tremendous change that will affect our lives long into the future, like climate change. However, I do not find the so-called “consensus” around healing crystals “not working” very compelling and I think those scientists should perhaps go back to the drawing board because they clearly don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.


If healing crystals didn’t work, then why did my life get so much better after I bought myself a white crystal centerpiece for my living room? Something just doesn’t add up.


I am proud to plant myself on the side of history that believes in facts, truth, and unbiased scientific review. It’s the only way humans have been able to successfully pursue the truth for millennia. However, I am not planting myself anywhere near the scientists who say my healing crystals ‘do nothing’. They can say hello to my obsidian and get out of here with that negative energy.