Why Are Men Intimidated by a Strong, Intelligent Woman Pointing a Gun at Them?

I’m a successful and independent woman, which makes men extremely intimidated by me, especially when I’m pointing a locked and loaded handgun right at them.


But it’s like, what, so women can’t hold guns? Chill out.


Men are obviously scared of the fact that I can load a gun and hold it correctly while pointing it in their direction, but they really shouldn’t be. Guns have been historically thought of as only a man’s weapon, but it’s 2021! I should be able to succeed at work, while also conceal-carrying in the office (until the moment strikes when I need to defend myself).


If you have a problem with that, then maybe you’re just sexist!


The insecure men I’ve encountered in my life often say things to me like, “Wow, you’re pretty ambitious for a woman,” or “You’re really aggressive,” or “Woah, why are you pointing a gun at me with the safety off? Is that thing loaded?”


To all of these questions, I’d like to say that women can be just as assertive as men, if not more so when we’re pointing a gun right at them.


Lots of men also tell me that I shouldn’t be carrying a gun with me wherever I go, but if not a gun, then what kind of weapon am I supposed to be carrying, huh? A rolling pin? A sewing needle? A frying pan? Well too bad, because I’m holding a glock 21 and I’m pointing it right at you. This is feminism!



Any man who is afraid of a woman pointing a gun at them for maybe no real reason at all is obviously another victim of toxic masculinity. As a man, if you feel intimidated by a strong and intelligent woman pointing a gun at you, you probably need to do some deep soul searching and figure out what it is that you’re so afraid of. I’m just a woman pointing a gun at you! Don’t feel so emasculated by it.


We may never get to the place in our society where men don’t feel so intimidated by strong, successful, independent, and intelligent women pointing guns at them, but I will still stay hopeful and keep pushing for equality by continuing to do so. After all, the future is female marksmanship! Keep aiming, ladies!