What to Do When She Interrupts Sexting With Her Wordle Score

It seems like everyone’s playing Wordle these days, which is a great way to sharpen your mind and bond over guesses with other players you know, but what if your significant other interrupts your intimate sexting time by compulsively sending you her Wordle score? Here’s how to handle this tricky situation without breaking up with her immediately:


Give her props (briefly).

If she got it in five tries or less, tell her “Nice!” or “Congratulations!”, and if she lost, tell her something like “Aw, too bad. Better luck next time!” Don’t encourage any follow-up discussion by telling her that winning is hot, or asking any other questions. Once you’ve both briefly acknowledged Wordle, you can go right back to asking her how wet she is!




Send a “thumbs up” reaction, then go right back to sexting.

If you don’t want to derail the convo by talking about Wordle, avoid skipping a beat by giving her score a quick little thumbs up, and then going right back to the elaborate sexting scenario you’ve painstaskingly constructed. And if a thumbs up reaction doesn’t seem quite right, you can just write, “Cool! Can I see your tits?”


Ask if the word was “Horny.”

This is a great way to keep the momentum of the earlier sexting going. Alternatively, you could also ask if the word was “Pussy”, “Dildo”, or “Boner”, or whatever five-letter sexual term you come up with to keep things sexy and flirty over text!


Remember that for some people, it’s a kink.

Don’t judge! Just because she finds word games incredibly sexual for some reason doesn’t mean there is something wrong! Just text a bunch of wet emojis until the Wordle score disappears from the screen.



So if you’re not sure what to do when she interrupts your hot and bothered sexting session with her Wordle score of the day, try using one or all of these tips to handle the situation. Because Wordle can be sexy too! Penis, tatas, fucky!