What the Fuck? Starting to Seem Like Celebrity is Only On Talk Show to Promote New Project

We all know why celebrities really go on talk shows: to entertain, to break ground with exploratory or challenging conversations, or even to offer charming anecdotes about celebrity life that people deserve to hear. They have fun doing it, and we have fun watching. But there was a rip in the delicate fabric of this sacred order last night when a celebrity honestly just seemed to be using the talk show as some kind of platform to promote her new project?


The utterly fucked up and shady move had many viewers straight up sick to their stomachs.



“Every night I tune into my favorite talk show, and I do it to see celebrities having fun,” said one former fan, Celeste Anidon. “But yesterday, my trust was betrayed, and right now I can’t say whether that’s reparable.”


Anidon sensed something was awry when the celebrity, who will remain nameless because the last thing we want is to give this psychopath additional publicity, started to share a story about a time on the set of her upcoming film.


“At first I was like, okay, maybe this is just natural conversation,” said Anidon. “But then the host used that moment to transition to asking her questions about the film and I was like, wait, is he fucking in on this?”


As the controversy raged, viewers were split on whether the show would stoop as low as enabling a power-hungry celeb, or if she was simply a bad apple infecting the integrity of their beloved operation.


“All any talk show host really wants is to hang out with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard and laugh,” said Thea Wright. “But the problem with that kind of radical kindness is that it’s easy for manipulative people to take advantage of. And for what? A few new throw pillows for their Malibu mansions? The whole thing turns my stomach.”


Wow. This really turns our stomachs.


People on all sides agree that all that’s left to do in these uncertain times is remain vigilant to potential abuses of talk show airtime, and to NOT see Hustlers.