The Best TV Shows Featuring Groups of White People Highly Recommended by Other White People

There are so many ways to watch television these days, and so many shows about white people that it can be really overwhelming as a white person to decide which show about white people to watch first. Week after week, new shows about white people and reboots of old shows about white people are released, but are any of them good? This is a list of the absolute best shows featuring groups of white people, highly recommended by other white people.



Schitt’s Creek

This show is a comedy about a white family that used to be very rich but suddenly lost their wealth. The stellar cast of white comedic actors makes white people laugh as the characters struggle hilariously to start over in a small, rural town of working-class white people. White people just love to see other privileged white people making the best out of a bad situation!


Downton Abbey

This historical drama is about Aristocrats (rich white people) in England and the white people who serve them. The white heir to their manor has just died in the sinking of the Titanic and times are as tough as they can be for a family of white people with servants. Nothing warms a white heart like a British period piece.



This show is a comedy about rich white people who work for the government. This show has several key elements that white people enjoy – documentary-style interviews of different white characters, a glimpse at what life is like for white politicians, and grown-up white child actors that were in movies with Macaulay Culkin about white people in the 90s.



This captivating show is about a powerful, rich white family that lives in New York City. The white main characters are complicated and flawed and honestly quite repugnant, but white people are rooting for them anyway ’cause they’re white.



Big Little Lies

This show is about white ladies in an incredibly white part of Northern California that are mostly rich, but they’ve got all kinds of marital problems and personal trauma to work through. The friend group surprisingly does include a woman of color, but (spoiler alert) she was the murderer. White people don’t love to see white ladies in trouble, but they will watch just about anything with Reese Witherspoon.


Clearly, there has never been a better time to be a white person watching television. Except for last year, which was also really good for white people. And the year before that, too!