Weird! This Woman Was So Enthusiastic During a Job Interview Until They Asked Her to Start Next Week

In an odd story out of Seattle, WA, 29-year-old Carla Stetler’s enthusiasm for a data analyst role at a new software startup immediately disappeared this past Wednesday when she was asked to start the following Monday.


“We’re shocked at her sudden curt emails and slow reply times from her,” shared operations director Jeremy Hecht. “We asked her to start next week because we were under the impression that she was eager and ready to start whenever!”


Those were even her exact words! So weird!!


Oftentimes interviewees use this portion of the process to negotiate for a higher starting salary, but Stetler took an even bolder stance of fully ghosting a company.


“Such a shame too, she really wowed us during the interview and we need to hire an analyst ASAP,” shared Senior Analyst Kathleen O’Leary.


“I tried to convey to her how welcoming the company is and describe how we’re like a family here, and now she’s acting like she’s estranged.”


Guess that’s a big “hell fucking no” from Carla!



While some were blown away during her interviews, many employees privately confirmed with reporters that they are not at all shocked to hear about someone’s aversion to working somewhere as oppressive as an office.


“Personally, I lost my enthusiasm for this job couple about six weeks after I started working here,” says one would-be coworker, Ryan Lee. “But I have to respect that Carla lost it before she even started.”


Carla could not be reached for follow-up, although her Instagram stories show she is alive, actively connected to the Internet, somehow spending a disposable income, and doing well in general.