Trauma Dumping? This Woman Said ‘Fine’ When Asked How She’s Doing

Houston resident Clarissa Holmes was thought of by her friends as a totally easygoing and normal girl, but that was until someone asked her how she was doing and she said “fine” instead of “good” like a sane human being.


The statement happened at a nearby bar, where Clarissa and her four friends were hanging out and catching up.


“I hadn’t seen her in a few months,” Clarissa’s friend, Helena Nixon, told us. “So I asked her how she had been doing, and she said ‘fine.’” Upon telling us this, Helena rolled her eyes all the way back into her head.


“It was like, ‘ohhhh okay, I guess now we have to drop everything and focus only on Clarissa now,” Clarissa’s other friend, Jessica Williams, added. “Obviously we’re all doing horribly, but it’s not like any of us were gonna actually say that.”


Surprisingly, the worst part of the interaction was what Clarissa said next.


“We asked her what was wrong, of course,” Helena continued. “Like, we couldn’t just not talk about it.”


“But get this,” Helena said. “She said that she ‘didn’t want to talk about it.’”


Wow, that should actually be illegal!


“At this point we were just stuck in an insanely awkward silence,” Jessica told us. “And we still had to ask our friend Katie what she was up to.”


“I’ve never lived through something quite like this,” Katie informed us. “Things have actually been going really well for me lately. I just got this job at a publishing company that I’m really excited about, but I couldn’t even talk about it because of Clarissa’s horrible vibes.”


The five friends reportedly moved on in their conversation to talk about politics, their love lives, and their respective fall plans, but not without feeling weird about it.



“We had a pretty good time,” Katie told us. “But we also had to be really sensitive towards Clarissa because she was doing ‘fine’ today.”

It especially didn’t help that Clarissa apparently kept loudly sighing throughout the entire hangout.


We really hope that Clarissa’s okay, but we also wish that she just kept whatever she’s going through to herself. Like, c’mon… it’s girls’ night!