Tragic! Sexy Older Man You’re Dating Will Never Understand How Funny You Are on the Internet

In an extremely sad story coming out of your 51-year-old man’s rustic and actually nice apartment, it seems that he will never truly understand how funny you are on the internet.


According to reports, you’ve been dating Bradley for a few months now, but despite your many attempts to show him your rich humor and wit, he just doesn’t seem to get it.


“Just the other day he was explaining to me that this chess champion was caught cheating, and once he showed me the picture I was like ‘OMG, that looks exactly like Jack Harlow,’” you said. “But he just stared at me and then smiled politely when he realized that I was trying to be funny. I guess he doesn’t know who Jack Harlow is. What he doesn’t understand, however, is that I have more than a thousand followers on Twitter who think I’m hilarious.”


What an utter tragedy!


However, your sexy older boyfriend Bradley still doesn’t seem to understand your Gen Z/Millennial humor.


“I definitely think she’s funny,” he said. “But when she starts yelling out quotes from Tik Toks, I just don’t get it. I’ve never even downloaded the app.”


“It’s definitely tough to date someone who doesn’t understand how internet jokes work,” you told reporters. “I know it should be enough for me that he knows that I’m funny on the internet, but it’s hard knowing that he’ll never truly understand the viral quote tweet I had that just said ‘Slay!’”



According to witnesses, your older boyfriend doesn’t even understand memes that well.


“I just don’t really get what’s so funny about someone editing a picture over and over again,” Bradley said. “I guess I prefer normal, verbal jokes. I really like watching Eddie Murphy or Jerry Seinfeld. That’s my favorite kind of comedy.”


At press time, you were seen explaining the same TikTok to your boyfriend for the fifth time in a row.