Tips for Cutting Carbs to Read About While You Eat Cake

Cutting carbs doesn’t have to be painful—it can practically be a piece of cake! Especially if it’s hypothetical and done in your head while you devour the other half of that cheesecake leftover from yesterday’s potluck. Here are a variety of super easy ways to cut carbs that you can read about while polishing off that pound cake:


Replace sandwich bread with romaine lettuce and then eat some icing.

This one is crazy easy and a great way to reduce your carb intake with a typical sandwich, which you’ll probably make after you’re done with this slice of birthday cake. Instead of bread or rolls, just wrap your sammy in healthy, nutrient-rich romaine lettuce. Right now you’re trying to add more petals to the icing rose with your fork, but it’s something simple to remember for later when you start your diet.


Set up a “one day a week” dessert rule but smoosh two cupcakes together.

Make a deal with yourself to only eat dessert one day a week. This will help you cut sugar on a daily basis without feeling like you’re completely depriving yourself. Think about doing that as you finish up your daily pre-lunch double-cupcake.


Make pizza dough with cauliflower as you drink cake mix from a mug.

Cauliflower-based pizza dough is a fantastic way to continue eating your favorite foods in a super healthy way. You’re sacrificing the carbs—not the flavor! Consider trying it as you Google “what is cauliflower” while eating spoonfuls of microwaved, watered-down brownie mix. You’re such a multitasker!



Replace soda with seltzer then replace that with cake.

Getting off soda can be hard, but don’t fret! Replacing it with a no-cal sparkling water can be just the thing to kick the habit for good. Sure, you’re currently plowing through the Fudgy the Whale cake meant for your nephew’s soccer team, but seltzer will definitely be your new thing! Eat that whale.


Replace one meal with a healthful smoothie and cake infusion.

This is a fantastic tip for cutting unnecessary carbs—not to mention shedding the pounds! There’s lots of great blenders on the market, and every single one of them can blend cake. Make a cake shake while considering which sugar-free protein powder is right for you. You’re a monster who is thinking about not being a monster, which is good!


So there you have it! A few quick, super easy ways to cut the carbs without driving yourself crazy. Sure, you might be sucking on the sides of a bakery box you found in the dumpster, but you’re also totally reading this article! Go you!