This Woman Stopped Sweating the Small Stuff Because a Bigger Worse Thing Happened

This week, Eliana Mershon was finally able to overcome her ongoing anxiety about the daily challenges of her life when she was subjected to far worse circumstances when her apartment building caught fire, ruining nearly everything she owned.


“Whether it’s sitting in traffic for an hour or finding out my birth control copay went up, I’ve just been letting every little thing weigh on me,” says Eliana. “But when I found out my apartment caught on fire, that really put everything in perspective.”


What an inspiring way to look at things!


Ever since Eliana returned home from work to find most of her apartment destroyed by fire and smoke, she’s looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.


“I bought a cup of coffee that was sort of shitty yesterday,” she explains. “And then I shrugged and was like, ‘Well, it’s certainly not as bad as losing all your possessions.’”


We should all have a mindset like Eliana!



Eliana’s new appreciation for the world around her is affecting her friends as well.

“Yesterday we were out walking and I stepped in dog shit and was freaking out and Eliana said that hey, it could be worse,” explained her friend Laura. “She’s right, but it was still pretty gross.


Asked if she thinks she’ll be able to maintain her upbeat perspective, Eliana is hopeful.


“I’m struggling to find the money to put down a deposit on a new place and my insurance is now saying they don’t have to cover most of the damage so, yeah, I guess all my other smaller problems will be overshadowed for a while longer.”