Olympic Athlete? This Woman Used The Farther Away Bathroom At Work

Whoa! Amanda Allison of Phoenix, AZ, made a brave and athletic move this week, choosing to make the long trek to the far bathroom in her office.


“The bathroom on my side of the office is only like 15 steps from my desk, so I thought you know what? Today I’m gonna walk to the other bathroom, which is like at least 60 steps,” says Amanda.


America’s newest distance walker? We think so!


Amanda took the stroll over to the opposite end of the 15th floor, eliciting comments of, “Well hello stranger,” and “What brings you to these parts?” from rarely seen coworkers.


“For a second I thought she was heading to the conference room and that maybe we had a marketing meeting I forgot about,” says Amanda’s coworker, Angela Bradford. “So I was relieved to see her head into the bathroom. But also confused. She looked very tired.”


After she exited the bathroom multiple coworkers asked Amanda if there was something wrong with the other bathroom.


“Nah, just getting a little exercise,” said Amanda, enjoying the new surroundings.



Amanda’s active day was admired and discussed by all.


“Maybe later I’ll take a little jaunt over to your side of town,” said coworker Ben Davis, in a nod to the east end of the building.


Is she literally headed for the Olympics in 2024? Time will tell!