This Woman Realized Her Impulse Buy Was Cosmically Aligned When Her Total was $77.77

In an extraordinary display of spiritual growth, 25-year-old Yasmine Freeman realized that her impulsive purchase of a tub of 24-carat gold face mask was actually written in the stars when her total came out to exactly $77.77.


“When I passed by Sephora, I felt an intuitive pull to go inside,” said Yasmine. “I should’ve known right then and there that the universe was telling me to spend a lot of money that day.”


Wow, how psychic of her!


And the synchronicities didn’t stop there – when Yasmine stumbled upon the tub of face mask with actual flakes of gold inside, she was immediately intrigued, but started to second-guess herself.


“I really wanted the face mask, but I have to admit I did feel a little guilty bringing it up to the register,” Yasmine recalled. “But when the cashier rang up the item and it came out to $77.77 without tax, I felt so relieved! Obviously, I was fated to buy this brand new expensive skincare!”


The purchase also inspired Yasmine to get even more invested in her spiritual practice.



“According to Google, the highly spiritual angel number 7777 is a signal of divine guidance, and an indication of getting the rewards for the efforts you’ve made,” Yasmine explained. “If anything, this is a sign to buy more face masks.”


“This was a huge awakening,” Yasmine said. “I realized that if I wanted to keep strengthening my intuition, I needed to keep spending money that I don’t have on things that I don’t need, and I feel so much closer to Spirit because of it.”


We’re amazed at Yasmine’s rapid spiritual growth, and we wish her all the best in her next intuitive endeavors, whether that be in skincare, perfume, or anything else that they sell at Sephora!