This Woman Finished Everything on Her To-Do List by Manifesting, and Also by Taking Her Meds

In an incredible spiritual feat, Boston resident Cameron Shea finished everything on her to-do list today by manifesting it, and also by taking her prescribed medication that helps her function on a day-to-day basis.


“I can still hardly believe it,” says Cameron. “I was able to do my laundry, send a package, reply to every text I’ve ignored for the last four days, and grocery shop for the week — all through the power of intentionality and sheer will, and also by taking my Adderall and not forgetting to take my Lexapro.”


Wow! If Cameron can accomplish all that with just manifestation, sustained use of a drug that successfully manages her depression, and another one that’s basically speed, what’s your excuse?!


“I was always skeptical about ‘manifestation’ because I don’t really get what it is, and when a lot of people are talking about something I don’t know about that makes me angry,” Cameron explains. “But today I just thought, why not give it a chance, and I spoke my intentions to be focused and productive into existence while I had breakfast and took my amphetamine.”


“I guess I can’t pinpoint or explain to someone else how manifestation works,” Cameron adds. “But I definitely get it now.”


Okay, playing hard-to-get is working because we are absolutely clamoring for more advice from this spiritual guru!



“There are so many reasons someone could struggle to get basic tasks done,” Cameron says. “Burnout, fatigue, depression, anxiety ­–I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. But what I do know is that manifestation is the answer for everyone. At the very least, it worked for me!”


Iconic! We hope everyone gets in touch with the powers of manifestation and an in-network psychiatrist soon!


“I think next I’m going to try manifestation to address my student loan debt,” says Cameron. “Hopefully, it will be a similar situation.”