The Top Telltale Signs a Guy Is Into You and Should I Be Worried Brad Doesn’t Do Them?

Step One: You have a crush. Step Two: You need to find out if he likes you! Even though guys seem really complicated, there are some pretty easy ways to figure out if he’s into you. It’s probably nothing, but this guy I like, Brad, doesn’t really do any of them when he’s around me. I’m sure it’s just all in my head. Never mind. Here’s what he will definitely do if he’s into you.


He Makes Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul and let you peek directly into his heart. When a guy likes you, he’ll look directly into your eyes when he’s talking to you. This shows that he’s trying to connect with you. I noticed that Brad doesn’t look in, at, or around my eyes when he’s talking to me. He kind of doesn’t look at me at all. It doesn’t matter. There are lots of other things guys do if they like you, right? Ugh. His eyes are sooo blue!



He Touches You

Pay attention to how he tries to get your attention. Does he touch your arm when he’s trying to talk to you? This is a telltale sign he’s interested. Brad stands there with his arms folded when he talks to me. I know that this is usually a defensive posture, but maybe it means he’s nervous? Do you guys think that could also still be an interested sign? Because I really, really hope it means he likes me.


He Finds Excuses to Talk to You

It might seem like he’s always coming up to you and talking to you about stupid stuff. But don’t worry: He’s not trying to be a pest; he’s trying to find ways to engage you in conversation because he likes you! Does he walk right up to you when he sees you at a party and start chatting about the book you’re reading? One time, at my friend’s birthday, Brad looked at me long enough for me to know that he saw me, then he walked the other way. It was actually kind of rude if you think about it. Fuck. I really like him, though!


He Treats You Differently Than His Friends

Check and see how he treats you versus how he treats his friends. Does he talk to you in a different tone of voice? If he treats you as more than a friend, he definitely wants to be more than a friend! Actually, Brad straight up does the opposite of this and pushed past me the other day because he “had to talk to Greg.” There can be other things a guy does if he likes you, right? It’s not just limited to the things on this list?? Can someone email me please? I am worried.



He Will Ask You Out

According to my guy friends, if a guy is interested in you, he will absolutely ask you out unless he thinks you’re not interested in him. I’m sure I’ve given Brad enough signals to know I like him. I’ve definitely done all of the things on this list to him. Why hasn’t he made a move yet? Do you think he might be waiting for the timing to be right? Maybe because he doesn’t want to spoil our friendship? What do my guy friends even know, anyways? Brad, if you’re reading this, can you ask me out?


There you have it! The top telltale signs a guy is in to you. Leave your thoughts on whether or not you think Brad likes me or not in the comments below! I really need your opinions on this. He’s really cute.