The Surefire Way to Order a Meal That’s $2 Less Than His

Going on a first date? Hooray! Make sure you let the guy know you have good taste but aren’t high maintenance by ordering a meal that’s $2 less than his. He’ll get the message that you’re totally worth whatever he orders, minus $2:


Don’t touch that menu. When you first arrive at your table, your instinct might be to pick up the menu. If so, it’s already too late. Ordering a meal that’s $2 less than his takes planning. Right when you sit down, ask what he feels like eating and base your choice around that. You’ll definitely send the message that what he wants is more important than what you want. Here’s hoping he doesn’t say, “Something light” – otherwise, hope you like soup!


Memorize the menu. Start looking for something you can order that’s $2 less than whatever he picks. Sandwiches, burgers (no cheese) and salads with chicken are usually less than the steak, pork chops, and salmon he’s allowing himself to consider.


Ask what looks good to him. Now that you know exactly what’s on the menu, check back in with your man. Ask what looks good to him. Men are generally decisive and simply pick what they want. He’ll love the opportunity to be decisive for someone else. If he tells you what he’s ordering, you’re all set. If not, keep reading.



Look at what he drinks. At this point, the server will ask you what you want to drink. Order the second cheapest glass of red wine and listen up. Your date’s drink is a great clue as to what he’s going to order. A cocktail points to a more expensive meal, while a beer means you should consider an appetizer as main course.


Prepare several options. Once drinks are covered, you need to be ready to order. If the guy still hasn’t revealed what he’s getting, find options at three different price points. Warning: Don’t go too low! $2 is the magic number. You’re aiming to appear reasonable, not convince him that you have an eating disorder. Keep the following options in mind: vegetarian lasagna, Caesar salad, just chicken fingers. No matter what he gets, one of these should be slightly cheaper than that.


Get ready to order. The server is back and you’ve got your bases covered. Order after your date and you should have no problem! Remember: If things get tricky, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! If your date orders a burger, try ordering a burger with absolutely nothing on it. Soup and a side of green beans can also appear to be a meal for a totally dateable, laidback girl.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully ordered a meal that was $2 less than your date’s. Ask him about himself, act a little drunk, and lean over the table so he can get a good look at your boobs. As long as you model your behavior as a more economical version of his own, this should be a great date! Just remember to be a slightly cheaper version of yourself.