The Best Podcasts To Be Pulled Away From When A Guy On The Train Wants To Talk To You

Whether it’s about comedy, celebrities, or your favorite niche topic, podcasts are a great way to escape from the stresses and distractions of your day, especially while using public transportation. Here are some of our favorite podcasts that you’ll inevitably be pulled away from when a guy on the train wants to talk to you!


Conversations with People Who Hate Me

This podcast provides a new perspective on anonymous internet hate. Host Dylan Marron records the conversations he has with people who sent him offensive and degrading messages on social media, humanizing himself to his trolls and asking his them why they’ve said what they’ve said. Of course, you won’t be able to get to the part where it gets really deep because some dude on the train will have tapped you on the shoulder wondering where you got that coffee and if it’s good. Better take out those earbuds for a sec!


Levar Burton Reads

It’s Reading Rainbow – but for adults! Levar Burton reads a short piece of fiction in every installment of this nostalgia-satisfying podcast. Unfortunately, you won’t get to fully enjoy Mr. Burton reading you a short story because some guy will just kind of be staring at you until you press pause so he can tell you about the screenplay he’s working on and how you’d be the perfect lead and there will be plenty of nude scenes! This is a great podcast.



If you’re into true crime, listen to this critically acclaimed ‘cast. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, season one follows the story of a murdered high school student and her ex-boyfriend and classmate who was arrested for the crime. It’s truly gripping, but not enough to prevent the man sitting across from you on the train from coming over and talking at you, forcing you to pause the podcast and listen to whatever he has to say for some reason. Don’t worry – you can finish it later!



The Daily

You’ll have something new to listen to everyday with this news-focused podcast. Host Michael Barbaro gives you a summary of the day’s hottest news story, but you won’t even be able to listen to a whole 20-minute episode without a guy asking you what you’re listening to and if you’ve ever listened to Serial. And yes, you have!


Try any one of these super interesting and engaging podcasts when you’re in the mood to have it be rudely interrupted by a guy in your subway car who needs your attention way more than whatever dumb shit you’re enjoying right now!