The Best Brave Nude Photo Pose for Your Body Type

These days, it seems like you can’t spend five minutes on the Internet without encountering a stunning, brave nude photo of a beautiful celebrity. A bold, un-photoshopped photo really makes it possible for you to embrace your flaws. But just because starlets make it look easy doesn’t mean it is. If you want to take your own brave nude photos to inspire others, it is crucial that you know how best to display your naked body so you still look smokin’ hot, in the bravest way possible. Use this handy guide to find the best nude photo poses for YOUR body type:


Apple: “Apples” carry most of their weight around their middle, so they need to be extra careful while being brave in order to get the most bravely flattering photo possible. Try wrapping your arms around your stomach and sucking in as hard as you can. Now listen. What’s that? It’s a little girl saying, “It’s okay to be me!”


Pear: Women with pear-shaped bodies carry weight in their hips, so you’ve gotta get those out of the frame. Your ideal body-positive pose is lying on your stomach on a bed, so your big thighs are out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Rest that pretty, not-fat face in your hands and smile. You may be hiding your lower half, but you’re not hiding your acceptance.


Hourglass: Embrace your curves by minimizing them! Hourglass women have beautiful, sensuous bodies—that can come off as arrogant, if left unchecked. It’s best to make yourself look as small as possible so your photo doesn’t seem braggy. Have your photographer shoot from a great distance (fields are perfect), so you (and your killer ratio!) can hardly be seen. Empowering!



Lanky: It’s no secret that lanky women look great in brave nude photographs, so have fun with it! Try bravely raising your arms or bravely lowering them. Breasts on the smaller side? Even better! Small breasts make you look weak, which is perfect for looking brave.


Pregnant: Baby on board? No problem! You’re still an ideal candidate to take some brave nude photos. In fact, you will seem even braver since you are letting the world see something gross about you (your pregnancy). Really make the most of your shoot by holding your belly and looking pensively over your shoulder. Nice, soft light is crucial to hide your eye bags and stretch marks.


When it comes down to it, brave nude photos are all about baring it all—in your mind. Just be careful not to let that baring-it-all attitude seep through into the actual photos. After all, you never know who will see them. Keep these tricks in mind, and you will look great. It also wouldn’t hurt to hire a professional hair and makeup team and an extremely famous fashion photographer.