Style Hack! This 5’1” Woman Still Shops at The Children’s Place

After a lifetime of rifling through store racks for size XXS, local fashion guru and 5’1” woman Donna Peyman has discovered a hack that will blow the minds of tiny adults everywhere: Shopping for her clothes exclusively at American retailer The Children’s Place.


It turns out, small women could’ve been shopping at kids’ stores this whole time!


“I can finally feel at home where I shop,” said Peyman. “Small women like me have always needed shops where clothing is located at eye level and the shirts are accommodating of our absurdly short arms.”


From tiny rhinestone-studded rompers to petite shark-patterned graphic tees, The Children’s Place offers everything that a modern, extremely small woman could want in her wardrobe.


“It’s nice to finally find a jacket that fits – plus it’s got rainbows all over it,” she added.


Ms. Peyman’s genius new style hack has already begun to catch on in the community of women 5’1” and under.


“The pants are perfect! I only have to cuff once,” said fellow short woman Claire Rand. “And the size 10-12 girls maxi dress grazes my toes just like I always dreamed it would.


“Every woman deserves to experience wearing a maxi dress, and now us short women can too!” she added.


When contacted for comment on their brand, representatives of The Children’s Place were overwhelmingly modest.


“These clothes are designed for toddlers and pre-pubescent girls,” answered Trisha Beadle, spokesperson for the brand. “We’re happy that grown women can find clothing they like here, too, but we didn’t do this on purpose.”


But Peyman is not so sure.


“I can’t thank The Children’s Place enough for revolutionizing fashion for small people,” she said. “And for including small women and men in that category. We deserve it.”