Soulmates? Man on Subway Is Reading Book You’ve Heard Of

Husband alert! A man is sitting across from you on the subway right now, reading a copy of The Underground Railroad, a popular book that you’ve definitely heard of.


The man, who is handsome and looks like he reads a lot, seems engrossed in the book, which must be very good.


“Should I ask him how it is?” You wonder. “I can definitely discuss the themes that were written on the back of the book, and regurgitate some thoughts about it that I read on Twitter once.”


Sources agree that based on the fact that you’ve heard of this book before, you must have a whole lot in common with this guy.


“He definitely seems like he reads complex fiction on the regular, which is something that I think about doing a lot,” you say. “And that’s precisely why I consider him my better half.”



Straphangers around you probably definitely agree that you should marry this guy.


“I’ve never heard of that book,” says one woman next to you. “But that woman won’t stop staring at the guy reading it, so there must be something going on there.”


There certainly is! It’s the quiet moment before these twin flames unite under the common bond of reading a book and just sort of knowing about a book. Good luck, you two!