‘Sorry I’m Rambling,’ Woman Says Repeatedly after Making Extremely Concise Points

During a meeting at her real estate development firm, Constance Holmes, interrupted to explain the issues she foresaw with the budget projections on an upcoming project before quickly apologizing for rambling.


“We risk coming in way over budget if we have any delays. And we’ve allocated 200k for this outdoor seating structure that isn’t really a value add for the project,” she explained. “A stone patio would be just as functional and less costly. Ugh, sorry, I’m totally rambling.”


Everyone in the room nodded at Constance’s points, though they do think she should make an effort not to ramble.


“Constance makes a fair point that could save us hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says her boss Daniel Woppingham. “But my eyes did start to glaze over after the first sentence, like ‘is she still talking?’”



Constance did indeed continue talking, having researched the costs for various outdoor flooring materials based on square footage.


“I’m not saying we can’t keep this upscale but I just wanted to lay out what the options will cost us,” she said, before adding, “Sorry, I know I’m throwing a lot at you.”


Her colleague, Ben Perelman, who had held the group hostage for several minutes earlier in the meeting in order to discuss his favorite bagel shops, was unimpressed.


“Man, can that woman talk!”