Soft Launch? Man Publicly Requests Menial Amount of Money From Girlfriend on Venmo

In a grand gesture of public affection, David Anders finally soft launched his girlfriend of three months on social media by requesting seven dollars from her on Venmo.


Sources claim it was glaringly obvious the two were in a relationship after Anders sent Forrest a Venmo request for “slice of pizza + drinks” – despite Anders’ Facebook relationship status still being “single.”


Anders’ girlfriend, Vera Forrest, told reporters that this moment had been a long time coming.


“I’ve been asking him to post me on his social media for weeks,” she said. “He’s super active online, so it’s weird he hasn’t posted me yet. I’m happy, I guess, but just didn’t expect his first post of me to be publicly shaking me down for money on Venmo. But it’s better than nothing, right? Right?”


We love a man who flaunts his girlfriend!


“I never use Facebook,” Anders told reporters when they brought this to his attention. “That’s why I haven’t changed my relationship status, or accepted my girlfriend’s friend request, or changed my profile picture of me and my ex.”


However, those close to Anders claim his disregard for his girlfriend on social media went way beyond just Facebook.


“He hasn’t even liked a single one of her Instagram posts, and hasn’t posted anything about her at all,” said Paris Reid, a close friend of the couple. “This Venmo request was actually how I found out they had made things official, and I’m his roommate!”



What a beautiful way to share the big news!


At press time, Anders had finally posted a photo of his girlfriend to his main grid on Instagram, along with the caption: “I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but happy birthday to this one!”