Six Sexy Ways to Tell Him There’s Been a Death in the Family

When it comes to telling your man about a death in the family, have you found yourself stuck in a boring routine? Too often, couples slip into the comfort of telling each other life-altering news over dinner or another neutral setting, completely missing the chance for some down and dirty intimacy. Here are six foolproof tips on how to break the sad news in the sexiest way possible!

1. Show some skin

Undoing just a few buttons before you help your man up from a shock-induced collapse can make his “little family member” rise from the dead, even if it can’t make his actual family member do the same.


2. Surprise him at work

Show up to his office wearing a cute belted trenchcoat—and your fave lacy bra and panties underneath! Make sure to lock his office door and close the blinds. Give him a hint of your assets as he tries to comprehend the loss of his stepsister—and how hot you look in that thong!


3. Tell him you have a secret

And you can only tell him one piece of it for every article of clothing he removes! By the time he’s down to your underthings, he won’t be able to stop himself from ripping off your bra to find out if it was his niece or nephew who died in that grisly car accident!


4. Shower together

Surprise him by slipping into the shower after you get the 7 am phone call from his sister-in-law. Make sure to take turns soaping each other up as you gently whisper into his ear that his brother succumbed to necrotizing fasciitis. When he grabs onto you for moral support he’ll find comfort in the slippery smoothness of your skin!


5. Role play!

Set up a sexy scenario where he’s an orphaned prince, and you’re his kindly, but busty, nurse! His screams of “Why, Mom, why?!” will fit in perfectly when he finds out about the alleged murder-suicide.


6. Butt play!

If you’re feeling super daring while you hold his sobbing, weakened frame, and think your man might be up for something more adventurous in his vulnerable state, try sticking your pinky up his ‘back door!’ Trust us—he’ll thank you later!


So the next time your man needs to be broken some tragic news, use it as an opportunity to break in some new moves of your own! It’ll strengthen your sex life – and your relationship.