Shower Sex Hacks That Won’t Fix Your Weird Power Dynamics

There’s no quicker way to getting steamy with your man than bringing the sexy times into the shower. But beware—water is a terrible lubricant, the surfaces are slippery, and you two still have all the emotional baggage you had outside the bathroom! Luckily, we’ve got three shower sex hacks that will help you maneuver in this small space, but won’t fix your weird power dynamics. Seriously, what’s going on in there?


Get Some Traction

Do yourself a favor and get an anti-slip mat to put on the floor of your shower for maximum traction. That way, you won’t lose your footing when he puts his hand on your shoulder and physically bends you over. Why does he do that? Why doesn’t he just ask? Or even telling can be sexy. Does it make him feel big to physically guide someone instead of communicating his feelings? Too bad there’s not a mat that says, “ASK ME WHAT I WANT.” Nope, for that you’re on your own.


Switch Places

No matter what position you’re in, chances are one of you is getting the full stream of water. Whether the water feels nice or is getting in your eyes, make sure you switch places so that each of you get time in and out of the water. You may think this fair approach would be helpful for your weird power dynamics, but it actually does nothing for the way he adjusts the water temperature for you, like he knows how hot you want the water without asking. For that, you’re going to have to say something, or at least swat away his hand from the temperature dial.



Hold On

Suction handles and footrests are the perfect addition for a shower being transformed into a wet fuck booth. It will give you more options for positions and it will give you stability! And speaking of stability, you’re trying to talk to him more about what he wants in bed, but every time you ask what he’s into, he just kinda shrugs. You’re totally cool with him being dominant, but this something you should discuss so that you know what turns him on and his vague air of dissatisfaction is a totally manipulative power move.


With these hacks, you’ll be having better shower sex in no time. Unfortunately, they won’t do anything to help your weird power dynamics. You’re gonna have to use your words there. Sorry!