Shawls That Say, ‘I Also Have A Wind Chime Garden’

Fall is arriving soon, and you can ease into the cooler weather by covering your shoulders with a cozy yet eccentric shawl that says, “Yeah, I’m the type of person who would also have a wind chime garden.” Here are a few early autumn-appropriate shawls that let everyone know you’re a smidge whimsical, but also enjoy the structure and repetitive nature of gardening.


Van Gogh Irises Shawl, (The Met Store, $75)

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Irises painting, this artsy shawl will announce to your friends that you also have a garden filled with DIY wind chimes made from spaghetti strainers. When they see you wearing this shawl, they’ll immediately think, “She repurposes colanders and hangs them from trees.” After all, this outerwear is kooky but in a safe, warm-mug-of-tea way—just like your garden!


Pashmina Kani Jamavar Shawl, (Pure Kashmir, $85)

Handmade by Kashmiri artists, this paisley-patterned shawl says, “I have a globally inspired wind chime garden!” Wearing it will keep you warm, while also announcing to strangers you’ve got a backyard filled with Feng Shui coin chimes. Yes, you love Eastern art, but mostly you enjoy expressing your creative interest within the contained sanctuary of your zen garden.



Classic Fringed Shawl, (, $31)

Wear this comfy shawl as you stroll through your musical kingdom of wind chimes. The black color contrasts nicely with the bright wind chimes you’ve made from sea glass. Good for you! Pairing this shawl with a pair of feather earrings will surely let everyone know that you’re bohemian, yet also disciplined enough to keep your therapeutic, decorative garden thriving.


Crocheted Alpaca Wool Shawl, (Novica, $119)

This shawl’s dusty rose color perfectly complements the desert-inspired wind chime garden people can safely assume you have. And if that’s not enough evidence, the crocheted flowers will definitely make them think, “Oh! She likes art in a soothing, Etsy shop sort of way.” Throwing this shawl across your shoulders means no one will second guess that you make wind chimes out of tie-dyed CDs in your spare time.


Handknit Rainbow Angora Shawl, (Nazcolle Colors, $65)

This hand-knit shawl is a great way to have your friends associate your style with someone who also crafts wind chimes out of flower pots and old forks! Drape this over your shirt to let them know that you’re as free as the breeze that blows through your shabby chic bottle chimes. Fun tip: put this shawl to your ear and you may also hear Orinoco Flow by Enya playing ever so faintly!


Get ready for fall with this delightful array of shawls that say, “I’ve got a super quirky, bauble-filled garden.” That’s your personal brand and you should embrace it!