4 Horizontal-Striped Shirts That Say, ‘I’m Reading a Book Set in Europe’

Sometimes you feel like you were meant to live somewhere with more subtle and refined sensibilities—like the people in the antiquated, romanticized version of Europe in the book you’re currently reading. Want to feel more elegant and foreign while also displaying your continental taste? Here are some horizontal-striped shirts that say, “Guess what, I’m reading a book set in Europe!”


Womens Striped Boatneck T-Shirt (J.Crew, $40)

This lovely long sleeve shirt is called a “boatneck” because you’re literally only allowed to be seen on a boat in Europe while wearing one. Be sure to grow out as much leg hair as possible to round out the look, and always keep a loaf of fresh artisanal bread and cheese on your person. Now everyone knows you’re reading something about someone as sophisticated as you are.


Short-Sleeved Blouse (H&M, $15)

This cute and cultured blouse is perfect for enjoying things like accordion music, lack of orthodontia, olives probably, and red Vespas. Of course, you don’t actually know anything about those things, you’re just reading about them in your newest Euro-trash romance novel, which is the next best thing!


Women’s French Sailor’s Shirt (L.L. Bean, $30)

This top comes in a fabric a bit thicker and heavier, perfect for pairing with a book with a beautiful bridge over the Seine. Now they know you’re reading about timeworn cobblestone streets, cigarette smoke, and probably more olives. Comment sophistiqué!



Joules Harbour T-Shirt (Backcountry.com, $22)

These inverted black-and-white stripes make for a nuanced take on this classic aesthetic. Wear this with a nice pair of white pants and you’ll feel good about staining your teeth with superfluous amounts of coffee and red wine each and every day as you wave around your book for all to see your skewed perspective on the European continent. Buonissimo!


Now that you have the perfect striped shirt, you can project your culture envy on the people around you. Just make sure not to wear these while actually in Europe cause they will call you out on it. Ciao!