REPORT: Unclear If Saying is Wise or Just Written on a Wall

A small town has been thrust into turmoil by a mural in the parking lot of a local health food store, which features the words: “The Future Belongs To Those Who Wish For It.”


Multiple reports confirm that it is extremely unclear if that saying is wise or just written on a wall.


In addition to the words themselves, which are written in large letters in a Courier-inspired font, the mural features illustrations of sprouting plants and what members of the community believe to be either a butterfly or an airplane. But it’s the words themselves that have generated vast amounts of speculation and controversy.


“When I first read that quote, “The Future Belongs To Those Who Wish For It,” I thought it was really deep,” explained a local pharmacist. “But after thinking about it for two more seconds, I realized it only seemed meaningful because it was written really big on a wall. Like, if someone texted me that, I would just send the ‘love’ reaction and never think about it again”


“It’s all about the youth and the power of positive thinking, and also climate change, maybe?” he said, staring admiringly at his creation. “If you don’t think it’s wise, take it up with Muhammad Ali. It’s his quote. I think.”


Glenn stopped answering our emails after repeated requests to confirm his source.


“Those wall words were my mantra,” says one local bus driver. “I mean, I got engaged because of that quote! But now I’m wondering if it would have meant so much to me if it hadn’t looked so authoritative up there on that wall.”


Luckily, he and other members of the community have been able to receive the help they need; they’re currently attending weekly meetings at the local Betrayed By An Inspirational Wall Quote chapter.