REPORT: Friend From Middle School Into Angels Now

In a somewhat surprising but not really surprising development, Marsha Franklin, one of your best friends from fourth through seventh grade, has started exclusively posting angel memes on social media and seems to be really into them.


The existence of angels, their presence in and effect on Marsha’s life, and the various angels a person can pray to for different reasons are all topics that appear frequently in her Instagram Stories and on her Facebook page, and she has even devoted a Pinterest page entirely to the concept.


No underlying cause for her sudden shift in interests has yet been identified.


While you definitely remember Marsha being kind of a gullible, sincere kid, you don’t think she was particularly religious, and she definitely didn’t see or speak to people who weren’t there, so this is kind of a surprising direction for her.


“It’s…a lot of angel talk,” reports Claire Morris, who went to middle and high school with Marsha, and keeps up with her more than you do. “Like, you’ll just say any innocuous thing about how you lucked out with a great parking spot, and she’ll say your guardian angels must have been looking out for you. But she’s not joking. She fully thinks there are angels, and they are directly responsible for handling parking spaces on Earth.”


A deeper dive into Marsha’s posts hints at a larger angel-based community. Inscrutable memes about various angelic happenings racked up dozens of likes, presumably from other Angel Believers who understand the joke.


“It’s not like it’s hurting anyone, and it’s definitely better than joining an MLM,” confirmed your mutual friend Jen in a text about Marsha’s latest Facebook Live video in which she rambled good-naturedly about “Michael and Catherine watching over her.”



“But it does seem like at least a few of these memes are designed to steal vulnerable people’s identities online.”


One of many possible reasons for this shift is surviving a traumatic event, though as of press time, no evidence of this could be found.


“They’re all around us and they shine a light more powerful than any darkness, so just keep doing your thing because you are being guided and you have wings, and you are loved,” said Marsha when reached for comment. She then offered a free “Angelic Reading” and a small tin of homemade cookies, of which the goal is still unclear.