QUIZ: Is Your Mom Mad at You or Is She Just Using Punctuation in a Text?

In the digital age, it’s easy to assume the worst from people. Especially with generational divides, it can be difficult to discern what people actually mean. One of the most iconic generational divides is that of mother and child. Are you feeling confused? Take this quiz to find out if your mom is mad at you or simply using English grammar!


Do you and your mom get along?

    1. We don’t agree on everything, but I love her :)
    2.  No.


You guys talk much?

  1. We talk every day. On the days we don’t talk, I miss her. But I get it, she has her own life and I recognize that. I really see her as a person and not just a mom.
  2.  No.


If your mom texts you after a call, does she write

  1. Love you.
  2. Love you?


If your mom wants to let you know that she is thinking about you, does she write

  1. I’m thinking about you.
  2. I’m thinking about you and the thoughts are negative.


When your mom wants you to reach out to her, does she write

  1. Call me!
  2. Call me. I want to say my negative thoughts about you. The ones I mentioned before.


If you let your mom know that you are a little busy at the moment, does she reply

  1. Ok.
  2. I’m busy too. I’m making a list of all of the negative thoughts. It starts off with the pretty negative ones and then goes all the way to the most sinister things you could ever imagine. I’m binding them all in a book now. It’s all leather-bound and done by hand, I took a class with your dad—a class on bookmaking. We took it at the church last summer, really lovely old guy taught it. I hate you. Call me.



Mostly As: Even though reading a period at the end of a text can feel like getting pushed down a flight of stairs, your mom isn’t mad at you—she loves you! You have to forgive her for upholding our traditions of language. She is keeping our writing customs alive.

Mostly Bs: Your mom is mad at you. It could not be clearer that she is mad at you.