Quiz: Is Tracey Mad At You?

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Female friendships can be so complex! Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a friend has something she wants to get off her chest, or if even asking her about it will start a huge fight that will end your friendship forever. It’s best to tread lightly and try to figure it out yourself. Take our fun quiz to find out once and for all: is Tracey mad at you?


1. Has Tracey been weird to you lately?

a. Kind of? Um yeah. Deffffinitely. But I’m not sure if it’s about me?
b. Maybe. I can’t tell.
c. Nah! I mean, I don’t think so. No? Wait, maybe.


2. Well, has she said anything to anyone?

a. I think she might’ve said something to Laura, but Laura wouldn’t say anything if she did, sooo…?
b. Maybe? I don’t know!
c. Why, did she say something to you?


3. Are you still going to her party on Friday?

a. I don’t know, she hasn’t said anything about it.
b. I guess. Would that be weird?
c. Maybe I shouldn’t. But would that just make it worse?


4. Has she been avoiding your calls?

a. She’s been really busy lately, I think?
b. I mean, I haven’t really even called her this week. But who even calls anymore?
c. I called, but she was on the other line and said she’d call me back, but then I think she forgot.


5. What was the last thing she texted you?

a. “K.” Is that bad?
b. “lol.” Is that bad?
c. An emoji. Is that bad?


6. What’s she been like on Facebook?

a. She liked one of my pictures and then unliked it right after. What the hell??
b. She friended my mom so I’m not sure what that’s about.
c. She did a status update that just said, “I love my friends!” Was that aimed at me?


7. What are you going to do?

a. Well, I don’t want to make it like a whole thing.
b. I guess just act like everything’s normal?
c. I don’t know. Can you ask her if she’s mad at me?

See Results Below:


Mostly A’s: Tracey Might Be Kind of Mad At You
This is really hard! Tracey might be kind of mad at you, but she also might just be whatever. You know how she is.
Mostly B’s: Tracey Is Maybe a Little Mad At You
Wow, this is a really tough read. It sounds like Tracey is maybe a little mad at you. But then again, it could be nothing. Who knows, you know?
Mostly C’s: Tracey Is a Tiny Bit Mad At You, Maybe? But Also, Maybe Not.
The thing about Tracey is, it’s really hard to know if she’s mad at you or not. It seems like she might be a tiny bit mad at you, maybe? But also, maybe not. Arrgh, it’s so hard! Maybe just wait it out?