QUIZ: Does This Dress Really Look Fabulous on You or is Stacia Working on Commission?

You really need a new dress for Karin’s engagement party, and the fitting room attendant Stacia came right over and offered to help you out, but she seems to really like this one–you know, the expensive one. Do you look amazing, or is she just saying that so she can get 20% of the sticker price as her commission? Take this quiz to find out!


Is the dress in one of your ‘power colors?’

a) Yes! I always go for jewel tones because they really bring out my eyes.
b) Not really. Stacia says coral is everyone’s color but that most people aren’t brave enough to take the leap.


Does it adequately cover your problem areas?

a) Totally. It hugs my smaller waist just right but the subtle flair of the skirt hides my tummy.
b) Stacia says I don’t have any problem areas. But she did suggest I might be overdue for a bra fitting, which she can do right now if I want.


Do you have shoes that go with it?

a) Actually, yeah! My nude pumps are perfect for this, and I love the way they make my legs look.
b) Not really. Stacia insists that I buy some studded wedges that she thinks are “bangin’.”



When you look in the mirror while wearing it, do you feel empowered?
a) Absolutely! I never want to STOP looking at myself in the mirror.
b) Stacia took down all the mirrors and just told me to trust her.


But like how do you FEEL in it?


b) I don’t know. Stacia keeps calling me by my first name and won’t let go of my arm?


Mostly A’s

You GO girlfriend! That dress looks perfect on you. Pull the trigger and get ready to look FABULOUS. Don’t forget to pick up Karin’s engagement present on your way to the party—salt and pepper shakers shaped like cats! Adorable!


Mostly B’s

Uh oh! It looks like Stacia is complimenting you in order to get commission on whatever you purchase. Don’t be alarmed–just make sure you get a second opinion from the woman in the dressing room next to you–you know her name’s Lori because her saleswoman, Brytni has already said it nine times. Good luck!