Flirty Beach Waves That Will Trigger Your Fear of Drowning

It’s officially summer, and you know what that means: sun-kissed days, warm breezy nights, and tons of parties to rock beach wave hair. While you wouldn’t actually dare go back to a beach after your near-death experience, beach wave hair is an effortless style that will leave everyone, like you in the middle of a ocean-induced panic attack, breathless. Here are some flirty waves that require minimal effort while triggering maximum fear of drowning.


Braided Waves

From Headband to French to crown, your options for braids are endless! And vast… and deep… and unforgiving… just like the ocean deap. Anyway, braids are different! For best results, keep your braid closely pinned to the crown of your head. Otherwise, the braid could wrap around your neck and constrict your air flow, confirming your worst fears.


Messy Waves

Running late? These easy waves will get you out the door faster than a rip tide knocking you off balance and pinning you beneath fast moving water. If your messy waves are erring on the wrong side of the bed head, apply just a few droplets of Argan oil to calm your blood lusting waters—I mean hair. Your normal, not at all scary hair.


Updo Waves

Nothing says summer like sweeping your hair into fun flirty updo. With just a few bobby pins and a touch of mousse, you can beat the heat without losing your cool. It’s like your mom always says, “Why hide such a pretty face behind all that hair?”. She’s right. She’s always right. You should’ve listened to her. You weren’t a strong enough swimmer to float that far into the ocean and now look at you. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN??


Ombre Waves

A great way to add variety to your boring hair, ombre waves are exciting because the coloring of light to dark. Dark. So very dark. Dark like the skies that day you and your family chartered a fishing boat 30 miles off the coast of Mexico and a freak storm capsized the unsuspecting vessel. BUT BACK TO THE HAIR. This look works best on clean hair, even though you’ll never be able to scrub away the fear. WHEN WILL YOU FEEL NORMAL AGAIN??


Whether you’re going to a wedding, graduation party, or vacation, beach waves are great for any occasion. Let those smooth serpentine locks draw in a captivated party crowd, and try your best to block out that fierce panic.